Looking _webThis was when me and my grandpa went on an art Tuesday in Duluth. I got to look through a telescope kind of thing and see the big bridge. That day was really fun! Art Tuesdays are the best!!


Amber bead jewelry set


This set has amber colored beads with silver findings and a gold chain accented with small matching pearls.

I made this set as a gift for my mom and she wears them a lot. I wanted to make long earrings about an inch and a half long and they dangle nicely, sparkle, shine, and catch the light.I havent  I chose these beads because they match my name and like having a name that matches a color. Now I can make jewelry that matches my name. Maybe thats why my mom likes them too.

My first painting


This is my first painting on a canvas. I got a set of acrylic paints for Christmas and some other art supplies. I asked my grandpa to help me do a painting since I knew he was the best painter I know. That is when I figured out I was an artist. Ever since then I have just kept on painting and drawing and getting art lessons from my grandpa.